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Safer Second Trimester Abortions

SAFER Second Trimester Abortions
at Liberty Women's Health Care of Queens - NYC

Board-Certified OB/GYN

Extremely Low Complication Rate

Clean, Comfortable Private Office Setting

Fully Accredited by the Joint Commission

Please call 718-888-0018 for an immediate appointment.
Text 347-723-4642.

Thank you so much for taking care of me when no other place could.
Doctor, you and your staff were amazing! I would like to thank you for how comfortable you made me.
Thank you so much! The doctor and staff made me feel so confortable!
That's it? I'm done? You guys are amazing! I didn't feel anything!
Everyone here is so nice and professional. Thank you so much!
Joint Commission: One of the top places I've ever reviewed.

Liberty OBS has earned The Joint Commissionís Gold Seal of Approval.

We provide safer surgical and non-surgical abortions from the very earliest pregnancies up to 24 weeks, in a safe, clean, comfortable, ultra-modern, state-of-the-art private OB/GYN office in New York City. Our office is fully accredited for office based surgery by The Joint Commission. Our New York State-licensed and board-certified OB/GYN physician is a very experienced expert in OB/GYN ultrasound and second trimester abortion. We have a caring and experienced staff who all strive to foster a safer, positive, and comfortable experience for the patient.

Second trimester or mid-trimester abortions are abortions done over 12 weeks and up to 24 weeks, verified by ultrasound dating. We provide safer second trimester abortions up to 24 weeks in a private OB/GYN office setting.

We have had an excellent track record of safety with an extremely low complication rate, performing second trimester abortions compared with other facilities. We take extra steps, that other facilities do not, in order to provide an extra measure of safety for our patients.

While a two-step procedure, with laminaria inserted on the first day, is usually used for second trimester abortions over 14-15 weeks, we are able to provide the safety and convenience of a safe second trimester abortion in one step in many cases.

Patients will find our office to be clean and comfortable. We strive to maintain cleanliness and proper infection control and sterility in our OB/GYN office.

All patients are treated with individualized, personalized care. A medical history is obtained to alert the physician to medical conditions and any allergies. We check patients' vital signs, temperature, and weight. Convenient, accurate, state-of-the-art laboratory testing is done to verify the pregnancy and to check the blood count and Rh blood type. Warm, courteous professionals counsel each patient extensively on the benefits, risks, and alternatives of the procedure.

The most accurate, state-of-the-art ultrasound machines are used to accurately date the pregnancy and detect gynecological conditions that can affect the procedure. Our board-certified OB/GYN physician is an expert at OB/GYN ultrasound, which is very important, since the quality and accuracy of the ultrasound is greatly dependent on both the quality of the equipment and the skill of the person doing the ultrasound.

Patients may choose from several methods of state-of-the-art anesthesia, including intravenous sedation (asleep), twilight (conscious or awake sedation), and local (awake). For intravenous sedation, we utilize very short acting anesthetic agents, which are carefully given at an individualized dose depending on the patient's weight, response, and length of the procedure. Patients are monitored continuously for pulse oximetry, blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate during the anesthesia, until she awakens fully from the anesthesia. As an important safety measure, resuscitative equipment is readily available.

We are able to offer a safe, innovative one-step second trimester abortion for patients who meet certain criteria determined by the expert board-certified gynecologist. This can be very beneficial and convenient for our patients who would not have to come in to our office on two consecutive days.

12 weeks abortion: one step second trimester abortion by D&E
13-19 weeks abortion: one step second trimester abortion by D&E
20-26 weeks abortion: laminaria on first day, D&E on second day

If a patient is to have a two-step procedure (versus our innovative one-step second trimester abortion), during the first step, sterile, disposable laminaria sticks are gently and expertly inserted into the cervix to dilate or open it. Once the laminaria sticks are in place inside the patient's cervix, a period of time elapses to allow the laminaria sticks to gradually dilate the cervix: usually, the patient returns to our office the following morning for the second step of the second trimester abortion. It is important that the patient have nothing by mouth (e.g., no food, drink, or gum) after midnight, the night before the second step of the procedure.

The patient has the second step of the second trimester abortion performed by a board-certified gynecologist with special expertise in second trimester abortions using a method called dilatation and evacuation (D&E), which is the safest method for second trimester abortions. We use only sterilized surgical instruments and sterile, one-use-only, disposable plastic uterine curettes. In order to increase the safety for our patients, we always use ultrasound guidance during every second trimester abortion, rather than doing the abortion blindly, which is commonly done at other facilities and which is far more dangerous. We take an additional step and do a post-operative ultrasound exam of the uterus at the end of every abortion to further ensure the safety of the patient and the successful completion of the procedure. Other facilities do not do this.

Patients who have Rh negative blood will need to have a full-dose RhoGAM injection at the end of the abortion to prevent antibody problems with future pregnancies.

We strive for safer second trimester abortions.

Patients return two to three weeks later for a post-operative check, during which we do another ultrasound of the uterus (in contrast to other facilities that do not) and a pelvic exam to ensure that there are no problems. Free birth control pills are provided to eligible patients at this time.

Our physician is a very experienced, New York State-licensed, and board-certified OB/GYN physician with special expertise in second trimester abortion and ultrasound. We do not use family practice physicians with limited experience in OB/GYN care. Our physician is an attending physician who maintains active hospital privileges in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at local hospitals including New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens and Flushing Hospital Medical Center.

Please call 718-888-0018 to schedule an appointment.

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