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Laser Surgery of Benign Gynecological Lesions

We offer laser surgery for women with benign genital lesions, which is performed by our very experieced, board-certified OB/GYN with expertise in laser surgery.

We use a CO2 laser to vaporize or remove benign lesions such as genital warts without the use of a scalpel. This can result in superior cosmetic results and less scarring.

We maintain the utmost in patient confidentiality. No parental consent is required to have any OB/GYN services at our office.

Patients must have a gynecological consultation and exam prior to the laser surgery. Patients are individually counseled and educated on what to expect, including possible risks, benefits, and options.

Patients may choose from several methods of state-of-the-art anesthesia, including general (asleep), twilight (conscious or awake sedation), and local (awake). For general anesthesia, we utilize very short acting anesthetic agents, which are carefully given at an individualized dose depending on the patient's weight, response, and length of the procedure. Patients are monitored continuously for pulse oximetry, blood pressure, and pulse during the anesthesia, until she awakens fully from the anesthesia. As an important safety measure, resuscitative equipment is readily available.

Our physicians are very experienced, New York State-licensed and board-certified OB/GYN physicians with special expertise in laser surgery. They maintain hospital privileges at local hospitals including New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens, Flushing Hospital Medical Center, and New York Methodist Hospital.

After the laser surgery, it is recommended to avoid sex, tampons, and douching for six weeks.

Patients should return to the office two weeks and six weeks after the laser surgery for follow-up exams.

Please call 718-888-0018 to schedule an appointment.

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